7 Reasons to Allow Your Cat to Go Out

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7 Reasons to Allow Your Cat to Go Out through a Pet Door

allow your cat to go out Many pet parents are conflicted about whether to give their cats some outside time. Hazards like passing cars, loose dogs, wild animals, infections and the risk of getting lost, are possibly your main concerns about your cat going in and out when you are away. However, your enclosed yard might be a safe place to enjoy fresh air and explore the outdoors a couple of times per day. Learn about the multiple benefits of allowing your cat to go out through a pet door.

Benefits of Letting Your Cat Play in Your Backyard

  1. Prevents boredom: Being inside all day is no fun for a cat. Letting your feline friend roam freely in your backyard provides an interesting change of scene. You can build an enclosure or install special fencing to keep your kitty safe.
  2. Deters destructive behavior: Scratching furniture, excessive mewing, stubbornness and sudden aggression towards people can be signs of boredom. Watching birds and squirrels up close, climbing a post in the garden or playing in their very own outdoor cathouse can do wonders for their health and attitude. If the negative behavior continues, you may want to consult your vet.
  3. Improves health: It is a myth that all cats are completely domesticated. Some love the outdoors. Others may take a little time to adjust to new sights and smells but then can’t wait to get outside. Fresh air and sunshine are simple pleasures with significant health benefits, for us and our cats.
  4. Keeps them trim: Worried that your cat is overweight? Introducing her to outdoor activities will give her some much-needed exercise. Consider installing a scratching post or a bird feeder and keep some kitty toys outside to make your yard more interesting. You can also create an outdoor litter box in addition to the indoor one, to encourage your cat to go outside.
  5. Satisfies their curiosity: Cats are natural explorers and your garden offers plenty of opportunity for them to satisfy their curiosity. Experiencing new sights, smells and textures is beneficial to their well-being.
  6. Alleviates allergies: If you are allergic to your cat’s dander, allowing her to go outside for a couple of hours daily can bring you some relief. Depending on the severity of your allergies, consult your doctor about medical remedies.
  7. Stimulation and bonding: Making time to play with your cat outdoors will help stimulate her, provide exercise and create a stronger bond between your pet and you. 

Offer Your Cat Safe, Easy Access to the Outdoors with a Pet Door

Pet doors allow your cats to come and go as they please when you are out. At A1 On Track Sliding Door, Inc., we offer custom sizes and security features to protect your cat and your home. Our energy-efficient pet doors can be installed seamlessly into your existing sliding glass door panel. Count on our professional mobile team to promptly attend to your installation and repair requests. Bay Area homeowners have relied on our high-quality doors for over 30 years, and vouch for our exceptional service.

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable team about how our pet doors allow your cat to go out easily and safely.

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