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In-Glass Pet DoorsIf you are tired of having to open the sliding door several times a day for your pet, you owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of in-glass pet doors.

Installing these doors is simple: A snug, energy-efficient door, large enough for your pet to pass through, is inserted into an opening cut in the sliding door panel.

It’s easy to understand why A-1 On Track has installed so many of in-glass pet doors. They mean freedom, for both animal and human.

Dogs and cats are able to go outside any time they wish, without the homeowner having to open a door. And homeowners are able to be away for extended periods, no longer having to worry about their pets having access to the outdoors.

If your animal likes to go outside overnight, the in-glass pet door is your invitation to uninterrupted sleep.

We’re able to install pet doors on virtually any type of sliding door in just a couple hours, and at a reasonable price.

The in-glass pet door is superior to those cheap pet door inserts that admittedly are fairly easy to install but come with drawbacks.

The insert prevents your sliding door from fully closing, so you can’t lock it. The screen door must remain ajar several inches so the insert door is not blocked and your pet has access to the outdoors. The insert is ugly, too.

In-wall pet doors are another option, but many homeowners are mindful that the hole cut for the door may have to be re-sealed if they decide to sell the property. The color of the patched wall is often tricky to match to the existing interior or exterior wall.

Do yourself and your pet a favor. Call 408-866-0267 to ask A-1 On Track about putting a pet door in your slider. After the professional installation, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


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