Best Methods to Clean Shower Glass Doors

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The Best Methods to Clean Shower Glass Doors

slider-4-2A-1 On Track wants your sliding doors to look good, as well as work properly. For a sparkling appearance, we’re recommending the best methods to clean your glass shower doors.

In households with hard water, shower glass doors can quickly become marred with mineral deposits. Over time and with multiple showers, soap scum attaches to the deposits. That combination of scum and deposits makes your shower door particularly tough to clean completely.

There are many products that remove soap scum pretty well. Others are aimed at eliminating deposits. The trick is finding an inexpensive product that will clean both, while being relatively easy to use.

Using natural products such as vinegar to clean around the house should be a priority. For shower doors, though, vinegar, ammonia or any other natural cleaner you may have on hand just doesn’t cut through the muck. Cleaning the shower glass door is one job that requires a store-bought cleaner.

Lime-A-Way and CLR, or Calcium Lime Rust remover, are both good at removing deposits. They actually do okay at getting rid of soap scum, if you are willing to scrub vigorously with a sponge for awhile. But they don’t remove soap scum entirely, and they also leave water spots.

A Clorox toilet or sink cleaner that contains bleach gets rid of soap scum but does little against pesky deposits. So Clorox, along with CLR or Lime-A-Way, does the job, even if some water spots remain. But why use two products if there is a single cleaner that can tackle your disgusting glass shower door?

Bar Keepers Friend is an underrated but effective cleaner that removes mineral deposits and soap scum, without leaving spots. Since you want to avoid scratching the glass, go with the version for cooktops, which is a gel, rather than the powder.

Once your shower door is clean, keep it and all your sliding doors up-to-date and working perfectly. Call experts A-1 On Track at 408-866-0267 for sliding door repair or replacement.


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