Check Your Sliding Glass Doors to Keep Out the Rain

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Check Your Glass Sliding Doors to Keep Out the Rain

A wet winter should prompt you to check your glass sliding doors to make sure they keep out the rain.

A sliding door that was installed properly and is in good condition should be virtually watertight. If you notice moisture in your home when it rains, there could be several causes, according to A-1 On Track, the sliding door professionals:

  • Blocked weep holes cause water to pool around the base of a sliding door and possibly spill into the home. Wipe the track with a clean cloth and make sure the weep holes at the base of the door are open. You may need to shoot some compressed air into the holes to be certain they are clear. Clogged weep holes are another reason, along with keeping the slider operating smoothly, to regularly clean dirt, hair and debris from the track.
  • Improper sliding door installation may leave gaps around the door frame that allows water indoors. If you are lucky, a little caulk to seal the gaps solves the water problem. If the door was nailed or screwed into place at an angle, the gaps may open again, so it’s a good idea to have a professional sliding door contractor reinstall the door.
  • Check for an obvious cause: Cracks or holes in the glass or the door itself may need repair by a professional.

Sometimes the problem of moisture entering the house starts elsewhere. A leaking roof or damaged eaves can allow water to slide down interior walls and through the sliding door. Check for wet walls around the slider.

If your sliding glass door is fully exposed to the elements, consider building an overhang to block the wind and rain. This is a pricier solution, but may ultimately be cheaper than making constant repairs to a battered sliding door.

Still having moisture problems? Call 408-866-0267 today. An A-1 On Track contractor can inspect your door for any of the above problems and repair it.


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