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sliding door installation

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Are you considering replacing your sliding doors with elegant French doors? Or thinking of how practical sliders may be an improvement over the hinged French doors you now own?

Both types of doors have benefits. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Many people prefer the more traditional look of French doors. But if your home already has several sliding doors, it may make more sense to keep all doors the same. Sliding doors also can be made to resemble, if not function, like French doors.
  • Keeping the bugs out. Opening a door to allow in a cooling breeze can be wonderful. Not-so-great are the insects that also find their way indoors. Sliding doors typically come with exterior screen doors that keep bugs out while the main door is open. French doors typically have no screens because they swing open, so bugs can be a problem.
  • Some people prefer the ease of opening and closing French doors. Sliding doors can sometimes be more difficult to open and close, but with routine maintenance – namely keeping the tracks clean and rollers in good shape – a slider operates relatively effortlessly.
  • Security and safety. French doors have a slight edge in security. Intruders can more easily break in by popping sliding doors out of their tracks. The glass in French doors is also generally thicker and tougher to break. While it’s obvious when French doors are open, there are occasional instances when an unaware person tries to walk through a closed slider.
  • This is an overlooked benefit of French doors. Moving large items is easier because French doors provide an opening twice as large as a sliding door. More often, the wider opening accommodates large gatherings where multiple guests are frequently moving between rooms.
  • The price of both sliders and French doors vary widely, depending on brand and quality. In general, French doors will cost more. High end models of both types enhance the value of your property.
  • Being hinged, French doors take up more space when they are open. This is a consideration in positioning furniture. For example, if you have a table and chairs in a relatively small area, you will have to account for the French doors swinging into the space.

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