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Dog Doors Installed in Sliding DoorsDog doors custom-installed in sliding doors are the ultimate solution for pet owners concerned with the problems associated with other styles of dog doors.

A-1 On Track installs many of these popular doors for homeowners, who choose them over the other main options for several reasons:

  • Those pet panels that fit inside the frame of your sliding door have lots of disadvantages. A pet panel cuts down the size of your doorway, and the screen door outside the slider must remain at least partially open for the pet to exit and enter. That leaves a gap for insects and weather to invade. It’s also relatively easy for an intruder to push the panel out and enter your home, no matter how snug the fit. And they’re ugly.
  • Cutting a hole in a wall to install a conventional dog door is costly. Also, the door will probably have to be removed, and exterior and interior walls rebuilt, if the property owner decides to sell the home.

With dog doors installed in sliding doors, we cut directly in the glass and fit a quality door into the opening. There are no gaps, and it’s entirely safe from intruders because our models can be closed and locked down.

A-1 On Track even offers energy-efficient pet doors that keep outside heat or cold from seeping inside.

The door can be custom-sized to your pet, and installation is a snap for us. In less than an hour, you and your dog can be enjoying the ideal pet door.

If you love your dog but are sick of that ugly – and unsafe – pet panel, call A-1 On Track at 408-866-0267 to learn how dog doors installed in sliding doors can be ultra-convenient for both you and your pooch.


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