Electronic Pet Door Gives Pets the Keys and Keeps Out Pests

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Electronic Pet Door Gives Your Pets ‘the Key’ and Keeps out Pests

A-1 On TrackAn electronic pet door that gives pets “the key” and keeps out pests has solved the problems associated with conventional pet doors.

The Power Pet is an electronically operated door, activated by an ultrasonic collar worn by your pet. As the dog or cat approaches, the door automatically opens, allowing your pet to go outside or come inside.

Like other pet doors, the Power Pet offers owners the convenience of not having to open and close doors for their pets. But this electronic door, which can be installed by the sliding door specialists at A-1 On Track, offers additional benefits:

  • The door itself is a tough, translucent resin panel that the manufacturer, High Tech Pet, promises will not discolor or break. High Tech Pet claims the panel is even bulletproof.
  • The motorized Power Pet insulates better than other pet doors because the panel moves up and down, instead of swinging open. For homeowners with active pets, keeping out the cold or heat can be a big issue. The up-and-down action also eliminates the problem of pets that are reluctant to push open a swinging door.
  • Intruders, human or animal, can’t enter through the Power Pet because the door is mounted in grooves and closes securely. A steel dead-bolt keeps the door in place until engaged by the collar-mounted motor.
  • A directional sensing system within the Power Pet opens the panel only when your pet is approaching. Pets can wander by or sleep next to the door without tripping it open.
  • The door can be powered by AC house current or batteries, and the collar can easily be recharged.

A-1 On Track, the specialists in sliding doors for both humans and animals, can install the Power Pet in under a half hour. With this electronic pet door, you give your pets “the key” and keep out pests at the same time. Call 408-866-0267 today to learn more.


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