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Accordion Door Installation in San Jose, CA and Surrounding Areas

Residential Accordion Door Installation

Enhance Your Home with Quality Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are a versatile and stylish addition to any home. Whether you want to create flexible living spaces, add a unique design element, or maximize space efficiency, our residential accordion door installation services are designed to meet your needs.

Professional and Reliable Installation

Our team of experienced technicians provides professional and reliable installation services throughout San Jose and the Bay Area. We ensure that your accordion doors are installed to the highest standards, enhancing your home’s functionality and aesthetics.

Expert Accordion Door Services for Residential and Commercial

A-1 On Track Sliding Door Repair is your best choice when you need a specialist to install all types of accordion doors for both residential and commercial applications in San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area. With over 30 years of experience in professional installation of Woodfold brand accordion doors, we ensure quality and satisfaction.

Commercial Accordion Door Installation

Tailored Solutions for Businesses

A-1 On Track Sliding Door Repair offers tailored accordion door solutions for commercial spaces. From offices and conference rooms to retail and hospitality environments, our commercial accordion doors are designed to provide flexibility and enhance the use of your space.

Expert Installation for Your Business

With a focus on professionalism and precision, our technicians are equipped to handle the unique challenges of commercial installations. We work efficiently to minimize disruption to your business operations while delivering superior results.

Comprehensive Accordion Door Repair Services

As recipients of the Super Service Award on Angie’s List multiple times (2007, 2008, and 2010-2019), you can trust A1 On Track for exceptional door repair services for your home or business.

Contact our specialists today for more information or to discuss your door repair needs. Call us at (408) 866-0267 for pricing details or to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose A-1 On Track for Accordion Door Installation?

Serving San Jose and Surrounding Areas

At A-1 On Track Sliding Door Repair, we proudly serve San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area. Our local expertise ensures that we understand the specific needs of homeowners and businesses in this region, providing tailored solutions and exceptional service.

Polite, Professional, Punctual, Prepared

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. Our team is polite, professional, punctual, and always prepared to handle your installation needs.

Best Guarantees in the Industry

We stand behind our work with the best guarantees in the industry. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every installation.

Contact Us for Consultation and Pricing

Ready to enhance your space with accordion doors? Call A-1 On Track Sliding Door Repair today for a consultation and pricing. Our team is ready to assist you with all your residential and commercial accordion door installation needs.

Call Now: 1-408-866-0267

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Our Services


Serving both residential and commercial clients, we offer an array of door repair services, including:

Closet Door Repair

Repairing closet doors can be quick and easy when you call A1 On Track Sliding Door Repair, your closet door repair expert. Wardrobe door roller replacement can make those old, hard to slide doors roll like new again. We know your time is valuable so most closet door repairs are completed in just one visit.

All too often closet door roller replacement is put off for too long, resulting in bottom track damage that is beyond repair. In this case new closet door tracks are available and are a great cost savings solution.

Closet door roller repair, new tracks, and broken mirror replacement are just a phone call away.

Closet Door Replacement

Choose from our wide variety of high quality closet doors and we’ll provide: on time service, professional expert advice, and qualified technicians for superior installation.

If the track bead (the part of the bottom track that the rollers roll on) is damaged beyond repair, replacement of the entire bottom track is one of the only options. When we do a complete track replacement, we remove the door panels from the opening, extract the old track, install the new replacement track, seal it and replace the rollers. We will also apply a waterproofing material in the corners and under the newly installed track.

No track replacement is complete without installing the protective stainless steel track cap mentioned above, to ensure your track is never damaged again. 

Broken patio door glass? Foggy Glass?

Slides Rite Sliding Door Repair is your best source for all of your residential glass replacement needs. We keep standard size glass in stock and can respond quickly.

See this page for more info:

Old style pet panel systems are not installed in the door glass. They are ugly, take up space, reduce the size of your doorway, cause the doors to overlap, and leave gaps that allow air, bugs, and rain to pass through. With the old style panel systems your sliding door no longer closes or locks security leaving it easy for your neighborhood burglar to remove.

At A1 On Track we install our high quality pet door system directly into your existing sliding glass door panel. Our integrated design fits right in the glass leaving no gaps to allow outside weather to invade your home. Our system closes and locks security. We offer custom sizes to fit your pet.

A-1 On Track Sliding Door Repair features Security Boss Manufacturing, LLC – the leading manufacturer of high performance pet doors. The MaxSeal line is available in several models that range from installation into doors and walls to specialty models for French doors and In-the-Glass. Maintainable forever, these doors feature a limited lifetime warranty and are designed for optimum performance. No other pet door offers the same level of insulating seal and security. Call A-1 On Track or click here for more information.

Integrated pet systems are also available for your screen doors.


A1 On Track is your best choice when you need a specialist to install your security doors.

When bottom tracks become damaged or dented it's usually due to prolonged use with worn out rollers. It can also be the result of using the wrong type of roller on the rolling panel. We can fix this by installing a stainless steel track cap over top of the damaged bead, proving a smooth, dent-free, damage-resistant surface for the rollers to roll on. Think of it as putting a crown on a damaged tooth.

When the header above the opening has settled down in the middle (header sag) and the doors are binding and not moving freely, there are two options. 1) a new door, or 2) a glass cut-down. Basically, we need to make the panels shorter. We will rebuild the panels with the new shorter glass, freeing up the panel to roll as it was intended. This is also a good time to change the rollers and install the protective sill cap.

We offer many types of sliding glass door handles and lock replacements, security bolts and various security options. We also offer aftermarket pulls that will allow you to slide your patio door with ease.

Our trained technicians and mobile service makes repairing your sliding doors and windows quick and easy. Our extensive mobile hardware inventory of manufacturer’s replacement parts allows us to complete most repairs with only one trip to your home.  We have a large selection of rollers on hand to fit almost any door. 

Our roller replacement package includes cleaning the track, replacement of the sliding glass door rollers, realigning the panels, and adjusting locks so that the door rolls smoothly and locks securely.  We'll even clean the glass. In many cases the bottom track has become damaged; we have solutions for that, too. 

Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors

This is absolutely positively the finest sliding screen door available. This door utilizes a heavy duty aluminum frame, steel ball bearing rollers, and a heavy duty handle/locking mechanism. There are no plastic parts. These doors are custom made to size for a perfect fit to assure years of smooth operation.

If this screen door ever fails for as long as you own your home we will repair or replace at no charge. Guaranteed for life (screen mesh not included).

This screen door is available with a pet door, pet mesh or pet grill.

A1 On Track is your best choice when you need a specialist to install your Storm Doors.

A1 On Track is your best choice when you need a specialist to install your Swinging Screen Doors. We have taken the guesswork out of choosing a high quality, heavy duty screen door (HDS). Features include: three hinges (not two), extruded aluminum boxed frame, solid reinforced mitered corners, ergonomic pull style handle, and high quality closers.

Just choose from our wide variety of high quality swinging screen doors and we’ll provide: on time service, professional expert advice, and qualified technicians for superior installation.

Shower Door & Tub Enclosure Repair

Repairing shower doors is quick and easy when you call a specialist. Shower door roller replacement can make those old, hard to slide shower doors and tub enclosures roll like new again.

Shower Door & Tub Enclosure Replacement

When shower doors are beyond repair, A1 On Track is your best choice for installation of new, beautiful, elegant shower doors & sliding tub enclosures.

Stop Fighting Your Windows!

A1 On Track is your best choice when you need a specialist for repair or replacement of your sliding doors and windows. We fix and have fixed more window mechanisms than anyone.

We fix ALL parts and types of windows:

  • Latches
  • Tracks
  • Locks
  • Sashes
  • Rotators
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Tilt-Turn Windows
  • Bay Windows
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