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Your sliding patio door has probably taken the most abuse out of any door in the home. With summer heat and winter elements beating on it year after year, it’s no wonder why a sliding patio door eventually needs repairs. Be it glass door or screen door, the proverbial mileage adds up and normal usage can lead to gradual wear and tear. Fortunately, some of it is a simple fix — if you know what to look for. Here are some easy sliding patio door repair tips:

  • Sliding patio doors don’t slide: Sliding issues can affect a heavy glass door or a lighter screen door, but in some cases, it can be as simple as taking an old rag and cleaning out a track. Mud, grime, even dead bugs and pollen can all collect in the track of a sliding patio door. If you’ve got years of the great outdoors affecting your sliding patio door, clean and vacuum the track and see what happens.
  • Sliding patio door off track: For screen doors, this is easy to fix as they’re light. Simply angle the top rollers into the track, then adjust until the bottom rollers rest on the bottom track. Be gentle — you don’t want to warp the track or bend the screen door sliding wheels. For glass doors, the process can be similar depending on the frame; however, since the door is so heavy, you might want to consider help either a sliding door professional or a knowledgeable friend/neighbor) to chip in.
  • Sliders don’t roll: Another reason why sliding patio doors don’t slide is the accumulation of wear on the rollers. For both glass and screen doors, this can be addressed by a little bit of lubrication — easy as that!

Of course, there are bigger issues that might require professional help. Cracked or broken glass is dangerous and needs an experienced person to address it. Warped frames and castings could be the symptoms of bigger damage and also directly affect your home’s architecture and require a specialist to address it. Here’s where common sense kicks in: if it seems dangerous or difficult, play it safe and get a quote from a professional.

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For residents of San Jose, Santa Cruz, and the neighboring San Francisco Bay Area, A1 On Track has offered sliding patio door expertise for over 30 years. A1 presents a complete line of options, from major repairs on glass and screen doors to a complete line of quality replacements. If you’re considering replacing your sliding glass door or if you simply need guidance on the best path to repair, contact A1 Sliding Door Repair for your free initial consultation.

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