Patio Door Winter Maintenance Tips

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Is Your Patio Door Going to Make it Through Winter?

Patio Door Winter Maintenance Tips

Colder months are approaching, so now is the time to prepare your patio door for the fall and winter.

Making your patio door more energy efficient should be a priority for homeowners. As door frames settle, gaps are created that allow chilly air indoors.

One method to check for drafts: Close all doors and windows and hold a lit incense stick along the edge of the door about six inches away. The smoke from the stick will change direction where any air is leaking.

Mark those spots with colored tape. Plug the gaps between the door frame and wall with silicone or caulk. Weatherstripping will close the gaps between the door and the door frame.

Be sure to remove old weatherstripping before applying new. Because there are various types of weatherstripping available, take a sample of the old weatherstripping with you as a guide to buying new weatherstripping at the home improvement or hardware store. Instructions on how to apply it will come with the new weatherstripping.

The door track should be cleaned on a year-round basis, but a summer of heavy traffic has probably left the track particularly dirty. Vacuum debris out of the track, then clean as thoroughly as possible using a solution of water and vinegar, a clean cloth, and a toothbrush for those hard-to-reach spots.

If you live in an area prone to cold winds, and don’t use your patio door much in the winter, consider sealing the door opening with a sheet of plastic film. The film is available at home improvement stores and does a great job of keeping cold air out – just inform guests who may unwittingly try to step through the door onto the patio.

You can rely on A-1 On Track, a local contractor that installs, repairs and maintains sliding doors of all types, for the best advice on how to ensure your patio door makes it through the winter. Call 408-866-0267 today to schedule a service visit.


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