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Should You Buy Pet Scratch Protectors or Pet Doors?

Is your cat or dog ruining your floors, furniture, doors and trim? Before investing in plastic door shields or scratch guard vinyl furniture products, it is important to understand the reasons for your pet’s destructive behavior. While the most basic reason for your pooch misbehaving is the ‘need to go’, being bored and stuck indoors all day could also be a factor. Read on to learn what is more effective—pet scratch protectors or pet doors.

Important Benefits of Installing Pet Doors

Allowing free access to a fenced backyard helps to maintain a calm, happy temperament and consequently, prevents damage to doors and furniture from scratching and chewing. Installing cat or dog doors has made many pet owners and their four-legged family members happier. Here’s how. 

  1. Healthy bathroom frequency: On average, dogs need to go outside at least 4-5 times per day to relieve themselves. This means Fido cannot wait for hours till you get back home and let him out. Holding it in is stressful and unhealthy. The result is scratched doors and furniture. You may even find messy accidents for you to cleanup when you get back. An animal door will allow him to go and do his business whenever he needs.
  2. Prevents destructive behavior: Scratching, chewing and other forms of aggressive behavior can be your pet’s way of showing they need mental stimulation. Being able to get some fresh air and sunshine as they play and explore your yard can do wonders for their health and attitude.
  3. Enables weight control: Just like us, animals need exercise to maintain a healthy weight. According to the Animal Foundation, dogs require at least one hour of physical activity every day. Leaving a few of their favorite chew toys outside, installing a cat or dog house if you have the space, or even a scratch post will encourage them to be active. You do not always have to be around to supervise or feel guilty about not taking them out when you are unwell or too tired. 

If the negative behavior continues even with sufficient outdoor time, consult your vet. 

Keep Your Animals and Your Home Safe with a Quality Pet Door

Cat and dog doors allow your beloved pets to go in and out in your absence. At A1 On Track Sliding Door, Inc. we offer custom sizes and advanced security features to match the needs of your pets and your home. Customers love that our energy-efficient pet doors are easily installed in their existing sliding glass door panels. We have a professional mobile team for installation and repairs. Bay Area homeowners have relied on our high-quality doors and responsive service for close to three decades. Read these testimonials from our happy customers.

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable team for advice if you still can’t decide whether pet scratch protectors or pet doors are better for your home.

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