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Outfitting your pocket doors with new handles and locks is an inexpensive way to update the look of your door and possibly improve its function.

The hardware on a pocket door that is opened and closed frequently can quickly look worn. On pocket doors installed decades ago, the hardware can also be old-fashioned.

Fortunately, there is a wide selection of hardware for homeowners who want to give a door a facelift. There are so many colors and finishes, it may be tough to choose.

Installing new handles and locks is a fairly simple job for someone who is handy, but requires precision for the doors to work properly.

For the sake of appearance, handles should be level. The two lock components – one on the door, the other embedded in the jamb – should match exactly so the locking mechanism works. Measure carefully in order to do the job right.

A common mistake made by homeowners is buying hardware that is incompatible with the door. Measure the thickness of your pocket door and purchase handles and locks that match your measurement.

Another tip: Check the hardware’s “specified projection,” or the distance the handle sticks out from the face of the door. You’ll need sufficient clearance for the door to operate without the hardware scraping the inside of the walls.

Installing new pocket door hardware is also an opportunity to upgrade. Consider buying a privacy lock on pocket doors that provide entry to bathrooms or bedrooms.

If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, the sliding door experts at A-1 On Track are happy to replace the hardware for you. We also provide adjustments or repairs to broken track or rolling systems on pocket doors without cutting into walls. Call us today at 408-866-0267.


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