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Prevent Injuries from Sticky Sliding Glass Doors

Prevent Injuries Sticky Sliding Glass DoorsA sliding glass door that is difficult to open or shut is not just a nuisance. It can be dangerous.

Jammed fingers or toes, hand sprains, muscle pulls, even cuts from broken glass can result from aggressively yanking on a balky sliding door. Rule No. 1 when a slider does not move easily: Don’t force it, which could result in injuries. Find another way in or out of the house for the time being.

Regular maintenance or simple fixes to your door can prevent a trip to the local emergency room. A-1 On Track has these suggestions to keep your sliding door operating effortlessly:

  • Keep the track clean. Dirt, hair, pet dander and other debris that accumulates over time slows the operation of a door. First vacuum the track, then scrub it using soapy, warm water and a toothbrush or cloth. A monthly cleaning will keep the door sliding smoothly for years.
  • Check the rollers. Your door moves via small, hard plastic wheels at the base of the door frame. Often the wheels become unaligned. On some doors, you may access the rollers without removing the doors. Remove trim caps that cover the screws at the base of the door and use a screwdriver to adjust the rollers.

Rollers on some types of doors can be accessed only by removing the doors from the frame. This can be difficult for anyone with limited handyman skills.

Keep in mind that while repairs can keep your sliding doors operating smoothly for years, major problems such as improper installation or cracked frames call for a professional contractor’s assistance.

A sliding door contractor such as A-1 On Track can advise you on whether repairs can be made or a brand new door is needed.

If it appears you need more than a bit of maintenance to prevent injuries from sticky sliding glass doors, call A-1 On Track today at 408-866-0267. We’ll inspect your door and make a recommendation as to whether repairs can be made or replacement is necessary.


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