Preventing Your Dog’s Muddy Paws

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Tips for Preventing Your Dog’s Muddy Paws

A Pet Door Can Help Keep Your Home Clean

Preventing Your Dog’s Muddy Paws
Most pet owners dread the rain because it means muddy paws all over the house. Wet weather aside, dogs, especially puppies love to dig dirt, play in the mud and run through puddles. A dirt trapping mat is one way to minimize all the cleaning and mopping. Read about a few other ways to prevent your dog’s muddy paws from messing up your clean home.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean

 Disposable wipes: Rain or sun, your pet must go outside to relieve herself. Wet wipes are a quick and convenient way to clean the mud and dirt off her paws when she comes in. While some pets may have sensitivities to the cleaning solution, most others have no adverse reactions. Keep a box of these handy near your pet door.

  • Paw cleaning mitt: Many pet owners recommend using this because the fluffy fibers trap dirt effectively and keep your hands clean. To remove stubborn dirt, simply wet it. The mitt is less expensive than wet wipes as you can wash and reuse it.
  • Runner and dirt trapping mat: You will need both until you train your dog to wait on the mat while you clean the muddy paws. A rug with longer fibers will help catch more of the mud. Some pet owners suggest microfiber as it stays in place and absorbs moisture. Place the mat in front of your pet door and the runner in front of it for extra protection.
  • Paw washer: This is cute but time consuming as it involves cleaning your dog’s paws in a cup or mini bath one at a time. Your pet may not like to use it and that can make it challenging. Carrying small dogs to the sink and rinsing off their paws might be easier, but it is not practical for bigger, heavier dogs. 

Keep Your Home Clean with a Good Quality Pet Door

Make it easier to keep your home, especially the entryway, clean. The dirt and mud, if any, is limited to the kitchen where your pet door may be installed. You can conveniently clean muddy paws before the dirt travels through the rest of your home.

At A1 On Track Sliding Door, Inc., we offer a selection of energy-efficient pet doors with advanced security features to meet your needs. Whether you choose a standard or custom size, you can install it easily in your existing sliding glass door panel. Count on our mobile team to provide prompt installation and repair services. For over 30 years, Bay Area homeowners have relied on our high-quality doors and consistent service. Read these testimonials from our customers.

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable team for more ideas on how to prevent your dog’s muddy paws from dirtying your home.

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