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My Sliding Door Won’t Unlock – Now What?

Sliding Door Won't Unlock

When a sliding glass door doesn’t unlock, it can be tempting to call a locksmith. However, a little troubleshooting could restore your slider to working order without the unnecessary expense of a door lock professional.

Tips for Solving Your Bay Area Sliding Door Issues

If your sliding door is stuck, try these simple tricks before turning to professional assistance:

Check yourself.
First, make sure you haven’t confused the slider door key with one for another door in your home. (You won’t be the first person slapping yourself on the forehead because you used the wrong key.) Also, make sure you are turning the key in the right direction. Depending on how the slider was installed, it could unlock either way. 

Look for reinforcements.
It’s very common for sliding glass doors leading to outdoor areas to have additional security reinforcements. Ensure that you have released all locks, brackets, bars, and bolts, checking carefully.

Clear debris.
The tracks in sliders can easily become blocked with dirt and debris. Brush this out with a stiff-bristled brush, removing waste with a vacuum. Follow up by lubricating the track and see if this returns your door to action.

Identify ice.
Slider stuck? Though it’s rare in the Bay Area, sliding glass doors can freeze shut in cold weather. In this case, don’t force the door open or use hot water. A rapid temperature change can cause the glass to crack. Instead, wait for the ice to melt before attempting to open the door.

Break out the penetrating oil.
Penetrating oil, such as WD-40 and Liquid Wrench, can help lubricate and clear rust from seized lock mechanisms.

Sliding door still won’t unlock? You have one more trick up your sleeve. Solve your Bay Area sliding glass door dilemmas with the help of A1 On-Track Sliding Door Repair. Call us at 408-866-0267 or schedule an appointment online today.


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