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Your sliding patio door threshold is an essential part of your interior and exterior décor, and it also prevents damage to your sliding door. It’s critical that your door thresholds offer adequate drainage, especially for doors that face the prevailing weather. Clogged or improperly installed thresholds can cause several problems. To keep your sliding patio door threshold looking beautiful and functioning properly, regular maintenance is essential.

Common Sliding Patio Door Threshold Problems

Why is sliding patio door maintenance so important? Here are three problems that can arise from too much accumulated moisture:

  • Rust: damages the metal of your sliding door frame as well as other support components. It can also cause friction, stopping doors from sliding smoothly across the track.
  • Excessive wear: For patio doors to function optimally, rollers and track surfaces need to be working at 100 percent. Moisture causes premature wear by preventing rollers from operating smoothly and reducing the effect of your track’s special lubricant.
  • Warping: When water is absorbed into materials that aren’t weather resistant, they can warp, which will make it very difficult to open and close your sliding doors.

Tips for Sliding Patio Door Maintenance

How can you maintain your sliding patio door’s threshold in top condition? Follow these simple maintenance suggestions:

1. Select the Correct Sliding Door Threshold

If your patio has an outdoor pool or your door faces the weather, you need a threshold specifically designed to deal with chlorine or with additional moisture, such as one with hidden drains. Our technicians can recommend a threshold that suits your circumstances.

2. Clean the Track and Threshold Regularly

A wet/dry vacuum is best for cleaning because it allows you to quickly vacuum up water or dirt. A non-abrasive cleaner and absorbent rag also work for drainage obstructions.

3. Call the San Jose Sliding Door Professionals

At A1 On Track, we have decades of experience with sliding patio door and threshold installation in the Bay Area. We offer trustworthy recommendations for the best sliding doors and the correct threshold to fit your home’s style and provide the protection you need. Please contact us at (408) 866­-0267 or online for more information.


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