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If you’ve got a sliding shower door, you know the benefits over a shower curtain: a more elegant look, fewer puddles, and a better sense of privacy. Of course, sliding shower doors require a little more effort to maintain – unlike shower curtains, you can’t just go buy a replacement sliding shower door for a few dollars.

A properly installed sliding shower door should hold up to the test of time. That means no leaks, easy sliding, and a sturdy frame that doesn’t crack or warp. If you’ve had professional sliding shower door installation, this should be the case. Consider the two most common sliding shower door issues – and their do-it-yourself fixes:

Sliding door rollers: For sliding doors, faulty rollers are common. Rollers can get rusty, cracked, or warped. If your sliding shower door doesn’t want to slide, remove the door and check the rollers to see how they move. Lubrication is your first option; then try installing replacements from your local hardware store.

Dirty sliding shower door track: If your sliding shower door is being stubborn, check out the most common culprit: a dirty track. Grime, hair, and all those other unpleasant things can build up. A good scrub with a shower cleaner can get things back in line.

Sliding Shower Door Repair: When you need help

It is a good idea to be pro-active when it comes to sliding shower door maintenance. Regular maintenance prevents bigger problems such as warping and large sliding shower door repair bills. Clean your door’s track once a week and lubricate the rollers once a month. On a weekly basis, give your door a quick look to make sure that it’s sliding okay and remove any general debris from the area.

Your sliding shower door may not need a repair for years – if ever. If, however, you have a bigger shower door problem than these, call the experts. For the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, that means A1 On Track. San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz residents have relied on A1’s sliding shower door repair services for more than 30 years.

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