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Stop Your Pocket Door Slamming – With Door Brakes

Stop Pocket Door Slamming With Door BrakesPocket doors are convenient space-savers with a drawback: They often inadvertently slam shut.

It’s possible to stop pocket door slamming with door brakes. Braking hardware gently slows the door as it comes to a close, then pulls the door completely shut. The controlling mechanism works no matter how forcefully the doors are pushed or pulled.

A version of door brakes can be found in modern cabinets, used to softly and silently close drawers. For homeowners who value a quiet household, door brakes are a boon.

Braking hardware, which uses dampers to control door movement, also saves wear-and-tear on your door frames that are punished by slamming pocket doors.

Door brake hardware is relatively inexpensive and comes in several brands. If your pocket door is old and heavy, be sure to buy hardware that will support the weight of the door.

Installing the hardware requires removal of the pocket door. If you are accustomed to home repair, a door brake installation project can take less than 15 minutes.

If you are not handy, A-1 On Track suggests hiring a sliding door professional for the project. A pro will get the job done quickly, making certain the brakes work properly and the pocket door moves smoothly when reinstalled. The satisfying sight of a pocket door closing without a sound makes hiring a contractor worth it.

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