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The only way to fix a leaky sliding glass door is to remove the bottom track and seal the corners.

Rainwater seeping through a sliding glass door can cause a lot of damage indoors. Avoid having to repair or replace floors or walls by taking steps to make sure your door is able to keep the rain outside, where it belongs.

There are several reasons why water seeps indoors through sliding glass doors:

  • Plugged weep holes. Small slots in the exterior section of track provide drainage when water comes in contact with the glass door. The openings often become clogged with dirt and debris. Use a crevice tool to clear them, or spray compressed air from a can into the opening. You may also need to drill additional slots for better drainage. If weep holes are located in the interior section of the track, the track was installed incorrectly.
  • Improperly sealed door frame. Time and weather can cause caulk to deteriorate. Carefully remove old, dry caulk, then apply new caulk to close gaps between the door and frame.
  • Poor framing. A sliding glass door is no better than the frame into which it is placed. If a frame is crooked, water can leak into the gaps between door and frame. The best solution: have a reputable sliding door contractor remove the door if it has not been damaged, build a new frame, and reinstall the door.
  • Damage to the door itself. Water can seep through even the smallest cracks. If your door was damaged during installation, contact the manufacturer to see if a warranty applies.

Take action quickly when you first notice water leaking into your home. This is one home repair that shouldn’t be put off. It doesn’t take too many rainstorms to cause a lot of damage.

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