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Useful Tips for Cleaning Glass and Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors offer a clear view of your landscape and are a great source of natural light. Since they slide rather than swing, they also occupy less space. Available in elegant styles with customization options and easy-to-use, they are a preferred choice of Bay Area homeowners. To keep them looking shiny and new, here are some tips for cleaning glass and sliding doors.

How to Maintain Your Glass and Sliding Patio Doors

  1. Glass: For a clear view and optimal natural light, always keep the glass clean. Wipe the inside and outside with soft cloth and mild soapy water. Use newspaper to dry the glass. It absorbs the moisture and removes any scum, leaving a glossy, clean finish.
  2. Doorframe: Remember to clean the area around the glass. Smudges and smears give the doorframe a grungy appearance. Cleaning procedures depend on the doorframe material. To clean vinyl and wood frames, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a mild solution of liquid dishwashing soap and water. Use a sponge with the same liquid soap and water solution to clean aluminum frames. Then wipe with a dry, soft cloth or air dry. Never use abrasive cleaners, as they will damage your doorframe. Warm soapy water can help remove any stubborn marks.
  3. Door handles: It takes minimal effort to clean your door handles, which battle germs, dust, and grime on a daily basis. Simply wipe them once a week with a damp cloth and soapy water. For best results, lightly polish any metal hardware.
  4. Door tracks: Dirt in the rails at the bottom of the frame affects how easily the door slides open or closed. Vacuum the tracks every month or at least once every season. For smooth operation, spray a lubricant onto a soft cloth and wipe the inside of the rails, and lubricate the rollers with a light machine oil.
  5. Screen door: Gently vacuum both sides with a brush attachment.

Inspect your sliding door annually for structural damage. Rusted, bent or broken rollers and tracks, or a collapsed doorframe, are safety hazards. Call a sliding door repair technician before the door is further damaged.

Mobile Service for Repair and Replacement of Glass and Sliding Doors in the Bay Area

At A1 On Track Sliding Door, Inc., our professional mobile team responds promptly to service calls. Whether you need to repair your patio door, replace the one in your tub and shower, or install a new closet door, we are here to help. For over 30 years, Bay Area homeowners have chosen our cost-effective solutions and exceptional service.

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