Using Sliding Door Adjustment Screws

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Using Sliding Door Adjustment Screws

Sliding doors allow you to immerse yourself in your gorgeous backyard garden or balcony, watching the sunrise over breakfast. Few things are more frustrating than having a sticky sliding door get in the way of your plans. One solution to sliding door problems is to use the sliding door adjustment screws.

What Are Sliding Door Adjustment Screws?

Sliding door adjustment screws are designed to keep the door level, balanced between the top and bottom tracks. When a door becomes misaligned, these screws let you correct the problem.

Every sliding door is slightly different, but you can generally find the adjustment screws near the top or bottom inside edges of each door, in pairs. To lower your doors, you must turn the screws counterclockwise — to the left. To raise them, you’ll need to apply upward pressure while simultaneously rotating the screws clockwise.

When Is It Time to Call an Expert?

Simple maintenance tasks for sliding doors, such as regular cleaning, are an easy do-it-yourself project. The process involves vacuuming dirt and debris from inside the track. Some homeowners may also feel comfortable tackling sliding door adjustment. There are occasions, however, when professionals can save you significant time and headaches:

  • Raising sliding doors: Properly raising a sliding door usually requires careful use of a pry bar and level for smooth operation.
  • Aligning doors perfectly: DIY adjustments can be frustrating, requiring repeated trial and error. Professionals will get it right the first time.
  • Replacing worn adjustment screws: Sliding doors only allow for a limited number of adjustments before the screws become worn or damaged and ineffective. If that happens, our expert technicians can replace the screws for you.
  • Detecting other sliding door problems: Not all stuck doors are caused by misalignment. Professional inspection ensures proper diagnosis and resolution of any your sliding door problems.

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Do You Need Urgent Assistance?

At A1 On Track, we can help you avoid sliding door problems from the start by recommending and installing materials of the highest quality. If you notice issues with your sliding door adjustment screws, we can fix them quickly.

We’ve been serving Bay Area communities for decades, and we handle every job with precision and professionalism. To request immediate repairs, contact us today.


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