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Weatherproofing Your Bay Area Home

Are your doors and windows inviting in the winter winds and wasting your energy and money?

Weatherproof Your HouseIt doesn’t matter whether you own or rent your home, the savings to the energy bill will be yours.

Did you know the average house, even when well-insulated, contains cracks and gaps between building materials that add up to a hole about 14″ square? The greatest source of air leakage in most homes occurs around your doors and windows.

However, weather-stripping can be a delicate job and should be left to a specialist. This is important because those openings need to fit loose enough that the door or window operates freely, yet tightly enough that air leakage is stopped. Making sure these doors and windows are weatherproof and insulated will make your home more comfortable and will save you money on energy bills.

Sealing gaps around windows and doors cuts down on drafts in the cold months and keeps air-conditioned air in the house on those hot summer days. Weatherproofing your home will also reduce the amount of dust and debris entering the home, and help keep those pesky little bugs out too.

Doors, windows, vents, pipes, anything that goes from the inside wall to the outside wall is a source of wind and drafts. Not only does that make your feet cold but it’s also sucking money right out of your pocket.

At A1 On Track we have a wide variety of insulating products such as rubber gaskets, expansion foams, compression seals, sealants, and weather-stripping of all types that are made to seal up those openings, stop those drafts, and make your home more comfortable.

Our 30+ years in the business of door and window repair makes us the expert when it comes to weatherproofing these openings. Let our trained technicians stop those drafts and keep that air from flowing into places you don’t want.

Keeping the wind out can be a breeze when left to a weatherproofing specialist. We have quality insulations and weather-stripping that come in a variety of colors and finishes which can be installed around the sides, tops and bottoms of exterior doors and windows. They not only stop the drafts, but they also cushion doors and windows to prevent them from slamming. This is especially good for older homes since they can compensate for warped jambs or doors that are now out of square. Drafts can also be reduced by installing weather-striping tapes and foam or rubber, or by attaching strips and gaskets made of felt, vinyl, rubber or metal.

Don’t let the cold sneak in and warm air sneak out. The area under your exterior doors can be a major problem spot. Gaps, worn out seals and gaskets are allowing drafts and costing you money.

To remedy this, we can install a new door bottom or threshold which seals the opening and can even improve the door’s appearance. These are adjustable to compensate for uneven doors or floors.

It’s time to make some home improvements that will keep you cozy this winter and help slash your energy bills. Insulating some rarely thought of areas can have surprisingly satisfying results

Call us today and let one of our trained weatherproofing specialists come to your home and assemble a weatherproofing package that will make your home more comfortable and save you money.

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