Doggy Door Installation

Bow Wow Know-How: Expert Doggy Door Installation

Dog door installations are one of A-1 On Track’s most popular services.

Homeowners love the convenience of a doggy door: No more getting up from a meal or bed to let the pooch outside to tend to business. The door also enables owners to be away from home for extended periods without worrying about a trapped and frustrated pet having an accident indoors.

However, for all their popularity, dog doors can have drawbacks. A-1 On Track, the sliding door experts, helps owners choose the right type of door, and then expertly installs the door so that both human and canine are happy.

Doggy Door Installation, Simple and Fast

The actual installation of a dog door is relatively straightforward. A professional can install the door in as little as two hours, and for a modest price.

In fact, the toughest part about installing a doggy door may be selecting the type of door. There are several types available online or in pet stores, at a variety of prices.

These are the most common:

  • In-door. Available in a range of sizes and materials such as plastic and aluminum, some in-door doggy doors can also be locked to control pet access or to keep other critters from entering the house. You may have to install a second doggy door if a storm or screen door is next to the exterior door.
  • Through-the-wall. These doors cost roughly the same as in-door types but may require extenders if your wall is thicker than a couple inches.
  • In-sliding-glass-door. Installation requires cutting glass, which can tricky. This type of doggy door should be installed by a professional who has the knowledge and tools to perform the job correctly.

Doggy doors can be further categorized by operation:

  • Triggered by collar chips as a pet approaches, electronic doors prevent unwanted animals from entering and offer insulation against the weather.
  • Flaps are inexpensive and easily replaced, but cannot be locked and offer no insulation against hot or cold air.

A-1 On Track does not recommend installing metal-panel doggie doors that fit in the frame of a sliding door. A panel door prevents the slider from closing completely. The screen door also cannot be completely shut because it would then block the pooch’s pathway to the outside.

Call 408-866-0267 today to speak to the sliding door experts at A-1 On Track about doggy door installation.

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