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We Install Cat Doors in Sliders, Walls, and Doors

The solution for the feline that prefers the outdoors rather than a litter box: install a cat door.
Cat doors are liberating for both animal and owner. A-1 On Track, the sliding door experts, installs cat doors of all types in sliding glass doors, walls, or hinged doors.

Here are some suggestions on purchasing and installing a cat door:

  • Purchase a door large enough to accommodate your cat. Your feline will not use a door that is difficult to exit and enter. Determine the proper door size for your cat by measuring the width and height of your animal. Typically, that means measuring the hips or shoulders, then the shoulders to the bottom of the chest. If your cat is overweight, account for the larger belly. Add two inches to both measurements. Keep in mind; if your cat is less than a year old, it’s still growing.
  • Concerned about rodents, insects, other neighbors’ pets, or even intruders entering your house through the cat door? Electronic pet doors are becoming popular because they prevent unwanted incursions. Made with a stiff plastic flap that seals tightly shut after the animal passes through, electronic doors are activated by a sensor chip in your pet’s collar. Electronic pet doors also do a good job of insulating against the weather. The collar chip can be switched off when an owner wants the cat to remain inside, such as at nighttime. Although they tend to cost more than other types of cat doors, electronic doors are worth the peace of mind they provide.
  • Other, non-electronic models of cat doors are lockable. They feature stiff plastic flaps. Doors with pliable flaps cannot be locked but remain closed when your cat is not passing through it with the help of strong magnets.
  • Homeowners can install cat doors in walls, sliding glass doors, or hinged doors. Just be sure to buy a door appropriate for where you wish to install it. We strongly recommend you hire a professional for sliding glass door installation.

Call Us Today for Cat Door Installation

A-1 On Track installs cat doors in less than two hours. We’ll help you choose the kind of cat door that best fits your needs, then properly install it for years of use.

Call 408-866-0267 today to schedule an appointment for a cat door installation.

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