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DIY vs. Pro: Who Can Fix My Patio Door?

Should You Call A Patio Door Professional?

Not sure if it’s time to call a patio door repair professional? Here are some common circumstances and tips to figure out if you can fix the problem yourself (“DIY”) or if you’ll need to pick up the phone and call a professional like A1 On Track.

Fix My Patio Door Tracks

DIY: I Fix My Patio Door — when the track is obviously dirty. Dirt and grime can slow down a sliding patio door, but a simple combination of cleaner, paper towels, and effort can clear that up.

Pro: You Fix My Patio Door — when the track is warped, cracked, broken or bumpy. In these cases, the track may need replacement, and that is best left to a patio door professional.

Remove My Patio Door

DIY: I Fix My Patio Door — when you want to do an inspection and there is no obvious damage to the track or the door. In these cases, the patio door can safely be removed and examined to see what the problem might be.

Pro: You Fix My Patio Door — when there is some sort of frame or track obstruction preventing easy sliding patio door removal. Also, for anyone with a history of back problems or can’t get a partner to help with door removal, it might be best to call a professional. Patio doors are extremely heavy and can cause injury or household damage when not handled properly.

Fix My Patio Door Frames

DIY: I Fix My Patio Door — when a simple and obvious bend or warp in the door frame can be pushed back into place, either by hand or with careful use of a hammer/mallet.

Pro: You Fix My Patio Door — when a door frame is cracked, broken, or warped in a way that doesn’t have an obvious fix. A patio door repair professional should be able to quickly identify the problem and let you know what the fix is.

Fix My Faulty Rollers

DIY: I Fix My Patio Door — when you can remove the patio door easily and can clearly access the rollers.

Pro: You Fix My Patio Door — when the patio door cannot be easily removed or when the roller is clearly damaged and can’t easily be removed. A professional can come in and remove the damaged part.

Fix My Patio Door Glass

DIY: I Fix My Patio Door — when you have expertise in handling and removing glass from frames. Even then, it’s advisable to have a patio door professional handle glass damage as they have specific expertise to fix this.

Pro: You Fix My Patio Door — in almost all situations involving glass damage, you’ll want a professional to do it. Any glass damage can be extremely dangerous, and without proper training or equipment, potentially hazardous to both your home and your family.

For Bay Area residents from San Jose to Burlingame, San Mateo, and beyond, A1 On Track Sliding Door Repair is here to help when it’s time to call a patio door repair professional. A1 handles calls on site all over the Bay Area, including San Jose, San Mateo, Burlingame, and the East Bay, all with punctual, affordable, and friendly service that taps into over 30 years of expertise. If you live in the San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland area and need help, call A1 On Track Sliding Door today for your free patio door repair consultation.

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