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Sliding Shower Door Repairs

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Shower door repairs are something that no homeowner wants to encounter. When there’s a problem with a sliding shower door, the causes can be numerous: the glide track, heavy glass issues, and other frame hardware. The bottom line, though, is that if a sliding shower door needs a repair, in most cases sooner is better than later as the door probably leaks water and can’t be used. That’s a situation that no one wants to be in.

Try looking at these solutions to common sliding shower door issues. You might find that the fix is right under your nose.

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  • Sliding shower doors glides poorly: If your sliding shower door is not gliding on its track, you may not need to repair the frame hardware. Instead, take a quick look to see if the sliding shower door track needs cleaning. Grime, soap residue, and other unsightly particles can stop your sliding shower door before it glides smoothly. Roll up your sleeves, grab a paper towel, and clean that sliding shower door hardware.
  • Rusty rollers: This is one of the easiest sliding shower door repairs. If your rollers prevent gliding on the track, sometimes all you need is a quick shot of WD-40 to loosen up the hardware.
  • Frame and hardware problems: In some cases, your sliding glass door frame may be cracked or damaged. This could affect just about anything, from the setting of heavy glass to water leakage to the sliding mechanism. Fortunately, simple repairs can be done with replacement hardware and a little do-it-yourself elbow grease.

If you cannot fix it, do not hesitate to call A1 Sliding Door Repair anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll come right to your home, identify the problem and give you the best service you have experienced.

Professional Shower Door Heavy Glass Repair

Exercise extreme caution with heavy glass issues. Cracks or damage to the heavy glass can lead to further breakage when handled wrong, and the last thing you need is broken pieces of glass on your bathroom floor. For San Jose, Santa Cruz, and other San Francisco Bay Area residents, A1 On Track has provided sliding shower door repair for over 30 years. Whether its heavy glass repair or complete replacement of your sliding shower door, A1 offers end-to-end service and a complete catalog of sliding shower doors. Contact A1 On Track today for your free initial consultation.

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