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Sometimes It’s More Than Sliding

You’ve got a sliding closet door – but it refuses to slide. You love your patio pocket door – but it just won’t close right. Your sliding patio door moves – it just doesn’t move well.

Does your sliding door give you grief? Maybe the lock isn’t and refuses to close perfectly. If your door isn’t cooperating with you, it’s time to call a sliding door repair specialist to get back on track (pun intended).

It’s not necessary to live with stubborn sliding doors and windows, closet doors, pocket doors, or tub enclosures. Worn-out ball bearings, damaged or rusted tracks, or eroded weather stripping can all affect how your sliding door moves. Your sliding door repair specialist – A1 On Track – 800-491-5654 – can identify and fix problems quickly and easily.

Of course, there are some sliding door repairs easy enough to do on your own. Sliding door tracks can collect dust, debris, pet hair, and much more after years of foot traffic and use. Wipe it down and clean it out and you might be able to restore smooth sliding. If you let these things collect too long on your track, they could ultimately bend or warp your track; that’s when you’ll need a sliding door repair specialist to come in and take a look.

Why Call A Sliding Door Repair Specialist?

Sliding door repair specialists have seen it all: track replacement, rusty rollers, worn-out weather stripping, and other common (and not-so-common) sliding door repair needs. From stubborn pocket doors to old sliding closet doors to sliding patio screen doors that need a screen replacement, the Bay Area’s A-1 On Track focuses on making sliding door repair easy.

With more than 30 years of experience, A-1 provides world-class sliding door repair for San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Santa Cruz residents. Polite, professional, prompt, and prepared, A-1’s sliding door
repair specialists come with a long line of satisfied customers and recommendations. As one client said, “If I’d known that sliding door repair was this easy and affordable, I would have fixed that pesky door years ago.”

Contact A-1 at 800-491-5654 to schedule your free sliding door repair consultation today!

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