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Basics of Patio Door Repairs

Tips From A Sliding Patio Door Professional

If you’re unhappy with the way your patio door works — from sliding to the lock — then it’s probably time to look at making patio door repairs. The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional to take care of some of the most common sliding patio door issues. From sliding to maintenance, here are some basic areas of sliding patio door repairs from the San Jose-area experts at A1 On Track:

Clearing the track: See that dirt and grime on your door’s track? That’s the first place to look when it comes to patio door repairs. Remember, everything from mud to pet hair gets caught in there, resulting in an unpleasant grime that can make sliding difficult. It’s one of those DIY patio door repairs that is simple as long as you’re willing to put in the elbow grease.

Removing the door: One of the best ways to diagnose sliding patio door repair needs is to remove the door and examine it up close. The difficult part, of course, is removing the door. Unlike screen patio doors, the actual sliding patio door is very heavy. To remove the sliding patio door, access the roller adjusters at the bottom of the door and use the screw mechanism to retract the rollers. Once the rollers have given you space, angle it out of the track until the sliding door panel comes out easily.

With the door removed, you can check the frame for warps, examine the rollers, or see other parts of the door up close.

Replacing the lock: The locking mechanism of a patio door is generally a hook-style lock that doubles as a door handle and uses a spring for the hook (lock). You don’t need to know the internal locking mechanics to make patio door repairs, though; if the spring breaks, the mechanism can easily be replaced by purchasing a similar-style lock and opening up the door handle. Anyone with some experience fixing things up around the house should be able to handle this, as it’s simply an unscrew-and-replace process.

When To Call A Patio Door Repair Professional

If you’ve taken a close look at your patio door and can’t figure out the problem, it might be time to call a patio door repair professional. From door frames to weather stripping, they can handle patio door repairs to get things sliding smoothly again. For Bay Area residents, A1 On Track has provided patio door repairs in the San Jose area for over 30 years. Ranging from San Jose to San Francisco and Oakland (including Burlingame and San Mateo), A1 provides fast and affordable on-site service. Contact A1 On Track Sliding Door Repair today for your free initial patio door repair consultation.

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