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Our Soft-Close Sliding Door Brakes Will Prevent Slamming

closwet-door-7If your busy household echoes with the jarring sounds of sliding doors being slammed constantly, it’s time to consider installing soft-close hardware.

Soft-close sliding door brakes prevent slamming. The hardware is popular in today’s kitchens, where it is used to slow drawers as they come to a close. For sliding doors, the principle behind the hardware is the same: Dampers within the mechanism work as “brakes” to moderate the speed with which the slider closes.

The dampers allow the door to shut gently but securely.

It’s important to remember that once the hardware is installed, there’s no need to close sliders with force. A gentle tug sets the doors in motion. They’ll close tightly with virtually no sound.

Soft-close hardware is a popular feature on new doors, but can be used to retrofit existing doors, too. The hardware is particularly useful to protect mirrored or wood closet doors from damage, since they tend to close with a bang when jerked shut.

As with every sliding door repair or improvement, A-1 On Track recommends hiring a sliding door professional for installation of soft-close hardware. The project requires removal of the door from its frame, typically a two-person task.

A sliding door contractor can complete the job in less than two hours, and with a reputable company like A-1 On Track, you can be certain installation will be performed correctly. Use good quality hardware and your sliding doors will be closing as quietly as a whisper for many years.

Lower the noise level in your home and spare your sliders from damage by installing soft-close sliding door brakes. Call 408-866-0267 today to schedule an appointment with A-1 On Track, sliding door specialists.


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