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How to Measure for Your Pet Door

Measure Pet DoorInstalling a pet door in an existing sliding door is a great convenience to both you and your animal.

Imagine no more getting up from bed to let Spike out when nature calls at 2 a.m. A professional sliding door contractor can cut an opening in your slider and install the ideal door for your pet in just a couple of hours.

Measuring precisely and using common sense are keys to designing a pet door that a dog or cat will be willing and able to use.

First, measure the width of your pet. A long-haired animal may appear wider than it actually is. Add an inch or two to be safe.

Next, measure your pet’s height, from the top of the shoulders – not the head – to the floor. Add a couple inches to the height to prevent your pet from wearing out the door’s flaps due to constantly rubbing against them.

Additional guidelines on installing your pet door:

  • The door should be tall and wide enough to comfortably accommodate the pet when it is fully grown, or, if you own more than one animal, large enough for the biggest.
  • Your pet should also be able to easily step into the door, so position it low on the slider. The height of the “rise,” or bottom lip a pet steps over, also varies, so choosing a low- or no-rise door may be more suitable for an older animal that has trouble lifting its legs.
  • Place the pet door in an area of the slider that allows easy access from both the inside and outside. Also, account for the fact the door has a frame that goes beyond the rough opening.
  • If you have a glass sliding door, we don’t recommend that you try to install your own pet door by cutting the glass yourself. Call an expert and save the problems of managing the heavy doors and possible broken glass or seals.

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