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Expert Advice on How to Size Your Pet Door

How to Size Your Pet Door Considering a pet door for Fido or Fifi? It’s a great idea! Even well trained pets can have the occasional accident, which means having to clean up the mess when you get home. With a safe entry and exit in your absence, your beloved animals can relieve themselves without the stress of holding it in. Modern designs are easy for your four-legged friends to use. They are also secure and can be locked at night. To make the most of your investment, learn how to size your pet door correctly.

Three Tips for Choosing a Pet Door

  1. Measure your pet: Measure your dog or cat’s height from the ground and the widest part of their bodies. If you have multiple pets, take measurements of the tallest and the shortest one. We recommend creating a mock opening first (using a cardboard cutout) for them to walk through. You may have to use treats to get them on board with the idea of a pet door.
  2. Weigh your cat or dog: This affects the durability of the door and is a critical consideration for electromagnetic openings. Small pet doors of 6″x7.5″ typically accommodate cats and dogs up to 14lbs; medium ones of 9″x12″ up to 40lbs; large doors of 11″x16″ up to 100lbs and extra-large doors of 12″x24″ around 200+ pounds. Note that Labradors, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, St. Bernards, Great Danes, and other large breed dogs may need bigger doors.
  3. Determine flap door and step over height: Ideally, the flap door should be an inch higher than your pet’s back. Next, consider how high or low you want the step over to be. Remember, it should be easy for your pet to walk over; the lower the better, especially for animals that are older or with infirmities like arthritis. When there is more than one pet, consider the comfort of the smallest and biggest one.

We offer a range of pet doors and custom sizes to accommodate your dog or cat comfortably. Our high-quality systems can be installed directly into your existing sliding glass door panel. The integrated design is secure and fits seamlessly in the glass, leaving no gaps for the heat or cold to penetrate into your home.

Mobile Service for Installation of Pet Doors

Bay Area homeowners have appreciated our product and service quality for over 30 years. Whether you need to install, repair, or replace your pet door, our dedicated mobile team will respond promptly. Count on us for cost-effective, long-lasting solutions.

Consult our friendly and experienced team about how to size your pet door.

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