Ideas for Sliding Glass Door Replacements

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Ideas for Sliding Glass Door Replacements

Sliding Glass Door ReplacementsWhether you are involved in new construction or a renovation, replacing sliding glass doors can be perplexing.

As a knowledgeable sliding glass door contractor, A-1 On Track has done many installations and repairs over the years. Here is an overview of the benefits and disadvantages of each type of door: 

  • Wood doors have a rich, warm appearance and come in a variety of finishes and colors. But wood can warp or fade in sunlight, requires some upkeep and ranks low on the ability to insulate.
  • Vinyl doors can crack or peel but they are energy efficient, less expensive than wood and can withstand a lot of punishment.
  • Aluminum doors are light and can be dented, something to consider with a lot of foot traffic. They also resist corrosion and cost less than wood.
  • Fiberglass doors are also priced lower than wood doors but can be made to look like wood. Insulation properties are good and maintenance is minimal.
  • Steel doors may rust if scratched. Painted steel doors may peel. The metal conducts temperature, so they can feel hot or cold to the touch, depending on the weather. Insulating properties are good.
  • Clad-wood. These doors are made of wood that is exposed on the interior side of the door, but coated with metal or vinyl coating on the exterior to withstand the elements.

Sliding glass doors also feature an array of options. Many manufacturers offer between-the-glass shades that never have to be cleaned and that operate automatically. The shades can be programmed to adjust to changing sunlight throughout the day.

Glass that is rated for low emissivity, or low-e, is also energy efficient. A special coating minimizes ultraviolet and infrared rays while still allowing plenty of light. That means interiors will remain cooler with less energy.

Replacing hinged single doors with sliding glass doors is an ideal way to save space, bring light into a room, and create unimpeded views of the outside. For installation of glass sliding doors, talk to your A-1 On Track professional by calling 408-866-0267.


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