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Make Sliding Doors More Energy Efficient

Useful Tips to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Sliding Doors

Make Sliding Doors More Energy EfficientAir leaks through sliding patio doors can cause a significant increase in your energy bills. Caulking around them is one of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of air coming in and going out. A more effective, but expensive alternative is to replace the existing panes with low E glass. Our experts offer valuable tips to make your sliding doors more energy efficient.

Your Sliding Glass Doors Can Be More Energy Efficient. Here’s How:

  • Clean the jambs and tracks: Accumulated dirt and debris can damage the seals, resulting in heat loss or gain.
  • Replace damaged weather stripping: Sliding doors depend on quality weather stripping to keep out the heat and cold. When replacing worn out stripping, make sure you choose the right kind. Some products are cheap for a reason!
  • Reinstall caulking: Shifting building weight and fluctuating weather cause caulking to crack and fall out. It is important to re-caulk around the door frame every summer and fill any gaps to prevent air leaks.
  • Use drapes: This will help provide an additional layer of insulation from cold and hot temperatures and reduce your energy bills.
  • Add double-glazed inserts: This is a substantial investment that will require you to take the door apart. It might be more cost-effective to get a new energy-efficient glass door.

Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Sliding Door

Replacing older doors with newer, better insulated models will improve your comfort and result in lower heating and cooling costs. When making your selection, consider the product’s energy performance rating in relation to the local climate.

At A1 On Track Sliding Door, Inc., we offer a selection of quality sliding doors in standard or custom sizes to meet your needs. Our energy-efficient products are easy to operate and come with advanced security features. Count on our trained and efficient mobile team to provide prompt installation and repair services. For over 30 years, Bay Area homeowners have trusted our quality doors, competitive pricing and exceptional service. Read these testimonials from some of our customers.

If you need more information on how to make your sliding doors more energy efficient, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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