Humidity Affects Pocket Doors in Bathrooms

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Humidity Affects Pocket Doors in Bathrooms

Pocket Doors in BathroomsPocket doors in bathrooms are a great idea. They save space in areas that are often cramped and must accommodate more than one person.

A quality pocket door will come with solid latching hardware that allows the door to be easily locked for privacy

But the moisture from baths and showers presents special problems for pocket doors. Moisture can cause the door to expand, making it difficult to open and shut.

Operation is also affected when moisture warps the door frames or rusts the track and rollers. Hair that accumulates in the track slows door movement as well.

Maintenance is Important for Pocket Doors in Bathrooms

To keep your pocket door sliding smoothly, diligence is the key. Keep the track clean of debris, dust and hair by vacuuming or wiping it down. If the bathroom is used frequently, you may have to clean the track every few days.

Watch for signs of wear on the rollers. If they need adjustment or replacing, the door will have to be removed. Because pocket doors can be difficult to remove and re-install, consider hiring a sliding door contractor to make the repairs.

Warping can be avoided by purchasing a solid-core pocket door made of composite materials. The best solution to avoiding moisture-related problems is making sure the bathroom is well-ventilated, so that humid air can escape after a shower or bath.

Cracking a window will do the job, but a ceiling vent with a powerful fan is even better. Many such fans are very quiet, so remember to turn it off after use.

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