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Sliding Doors Make Life Better. Here’s Why

Designers and architects are discovering what early-20th-century homeowners understood: sliding doors can make life better.

Here’s why:

  • Sliders make ingenious room dividers. Many homes built in the early 1900s were outfitted with sliding doors and pocket doors. Homeowners used the doors to quickly and easily change an expansive room into a cozy, private space. The concept still works today. Want to take a quick catnap, away from the rest of the family? Leave the clatter behind by closing off your own area. Quality sliding doors, when shut, are excellent at blocking sound. Families with children can block a room full of toys from visitors, or let the children be as noisy as they wish. Conversely, opening sliding doors joins two rooms, making it easier to accommodate a large dinner party or any other type of gathering.
  • Pocket-style sliders are space-savers. An overlooked benefit of sliding doors is the fact they take up less space than a more conventional hinged door. While that may not matter so much in a large living space, it can make a huge difference in a tight bathroom or closet.
  • Today’s sliding doors come in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. Wood-clad sliders fit in perfectly with a Craftsman-type home. Doors with clean, simple lines complement a mid-century modern home. Barn doors with an exposed sliding track lend an industrial look to a home’s interior. You can even get creative and mix styles from room to room.
  • Sliders with glass panels keep spaces separate but visible. You can keep an eye on the children on the other side of the slider and still enjoy less noise. If you want light but also your privacy, frosted glass is the answer.

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