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A sliding patio door takes a lot of abuse, especially during the warmer months.

Think about the number of times that patio door is used during a busy day. Considering summer barbecues, pool parties, family gatherings or time hanging out on the patio with a cool drink, it’s obvious your sliding screen doors are opened and closed dozens of times a day.

Is your patio door showing its age? Inspect a well-worn door and you may see:

  • Tears and holes in the screen. Insects seem adept at slipping through the smallest opening to get into your house.
  • A bent frame, which may be affecting the operation of the slider.
  • Broken handles.
  • Locks that don’t function properly. Keep in mind that intruders love a door with a faulty lock. It’s relatively easy to break into a home through a patio sliding screen door that may be closed but not tightly locked.
  • Stubborn rollers that make opening and closing the door a chore.

If your sliding screen door were a car, you’d take it to a mechanic first thing in the morning. But repairing the sliding door is often put on the back burner.

Now’s the time to have your patio door tuned up. Virtually any type of problem caused by overuse can be fixed on-site by an experienced contractor.

Sliding door specialists such as those at A-1 On-Track can have your door looking and sliding like new in a remarkably short time. For the relatively small cost of a service call, you’ll get many additional years of use and have the knowledge that your home is secure.

Take a moment to check out your sliding glass door, then schedule a visit by an A-1 On-Track professional by calling 408-866-0267.


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