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Is Your Cat Banging on the Door? Poor Kitty!

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Cat Banging on Door Install a Pet DoorOf course, you love your cat. Your friends may not want to see one more of your cat videos, but your kitty is adorable. Except when you are annoyed by their belligerent behavior and sleepless nights. Vets say that there are several reasons why your cat might be scratching or meowing at your door. She could be hungry, trying to get your attention, needs more play time or simply wants to go outside. Here are some ways to stop your cat from banging on the door.

Tips to Stop Your Cat from Destroying Your Door and Your Sleep

  • Spend some time with kitty: All she probably wants is some one-on-one time with you when you get home from work. Make it a point to spend quality time with her before or after dinner and see if the scratching stops.
  • Change her feeding schedule: Perhaps she is hungry. Try giving her a little more food. Or change her meal time to shortly before you go to bed. This might help her and you get a good night’s sleep. She is less likely to wander around when her stomach is full.
  • Buy a scratching post: If your cats want you to scratch them all the time, this might help save your door and other furniture.
  • Tape your door: Some pet owners suggest taping your door. This can help reduce the damage but is less likely to address the behavior.
  • Let them out in the evening: The attention-seeking behavior can be a sign of boredom. It is a myth that cats are domesticated and want to be indoors all day. Time to explore your backyard or the neighborhood will provide a change of scene. It is also beneficial to their health. 

Pet Doors Help Stop Cats Banging on the Door

Scratching furniture, excessive meowing, stubbornness and sudden aggression towards people are often signs of boredom. With a pet door, your cat has easy access to the outdoors and back into your home. Keep some toys and a scratch post outside to make the outdoors appealing. With fresh air and exercise, your cat will be sufficiently tired, less bored, and encouraged to sleep better.

At A1 On Track Sliding Door, we offer a selection of standard and custom pet doors. Our energy-efficient products have advanced security features to keep your pet and your home safe. They are easy to install in your existing glass patio door and last for years. Count on our mobile team to provide prompt installation and repair services. Bay Area homeowners have relied on our quality doors and exceptional service for close to three decades. Read what they have to say.

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable team for more ideas on how to stop your cat from banging on the door.

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