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Don’t Jam a Door Open In Its Hinges

Sliding, bifold and hinged doors can be subject to much abuse in households. Punishment from constant opening and closing takes a toll and sometimes doors simply stop operating properly.

Homeowners can take steps to keep doors of all types operating smoothly, but quick solutions aren’t always the right ones. For example, jamming a door open in its hinges can be very damaging.

Screwdrivers, shims, coat hangers or any similar object inserted into a door’s hinges keep it propped open temporarily, at best. A permanent fix comes only after you correctly diagnose the problem.

Hiring a sliding door specialist is the best bet for homeowners who have little experience in door repair. A contractor has seen it all and can make most types of repairs. It costs relatively little money to have all the doors in your home working perfectly.

A door that hangs poorly could have one of several problems. It may simply need trimming at the bottom. This is easy for a person with moderate DIY skills and the right tools.

Another common problem is loose hinges. This happens on doors that are heavily used or when objects are jammed into the hinges. First, try tightening the screws that hold the hinges in place. If the screws do not tighten, the holes have been enlarged.

To fix enlarged screw holes, remove the screws, and then insert a toothpick or wooden matchstick dipped into carpenter’s glue into the screw hole. Then tighten the screw in place with the screwdriver. The toothpick or match takes up the extra space and secures the screw surprisingly well.

There’s no need to jam a door open in its hinges. A-1 On Track does all types of door repairs. Call 408-866-0267 today to schedule an appointment.


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