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What Does Screen Door on A Submarine Mean?

You may have heard the saying, “as useful as a screen door on a submarine”.

What does it mean, and how does it relate to sliding door repair?

The saying alludes to more than just being “completely worthless,” because an actual screen door on a submarine is potentially disastrous.

It could refer to a person who simply has no clue how to perform a task. Lacking the knowledge to do home repairs, including fixing sliding doors, is certainly no crime.

However, when an inexperienced handyman attempts to make a repair and only makes matters worse, then it’s fair to say that person is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

At A-1 On Track, we’ve seen the results of home repairs that have gone awry, needlessly taking up too much time, causing even more damage, and frustrating the homeowner. In addition, since saving money was the purpose of the DIY project, paradoxically costing more money than necessary.

Consider the importance of doors to your house. They keep out noise, intruders, unwanted animals, the cold and rain, while providing privacy for those both inside and outside.

Then take into account the relatively low cost of repairing sliding doors that don’t function properly. For minimal expense, a professional sliding door contractor can make sure every door in your house opens and closes as it should, smoothly and with little effort.

Our sliding door specialists have the experience and tools to fix your doors quickly. Most repairs are simple for us. We can fix several problem doors during one service call.

Let A-1 On Track handle all your sliding door repairs. We’re definitely more useful than a screen door on a submarine. Schedule an appointment by calling 408-866-0267 today.


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