Fix Pet-Damaged Screens Before Spring

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Fix Pet-Damaged Screens Before Spring

screen door repairFor some households, pet-damaged screen doors are a fact of life. It takes just a few instances of Rex excitedly jumping on the patio door screen to require repairs.

Now is the time to repair those pet-damaged screens. The arrival of warmer weather means more bugs. Don’t make it easy for them to invade your home through a torn screen patio door.

Replacing the screen can be a challenge if you have never attempted it. A-1 On Track suggests calling an experienced contractor to make the repairs if you have doubts about your ability to do the job.

But if you have a few simple tools, an hour or so, and the desire to fix it yourself, go for it. Here is how to repair a pet-damaged screen:

  • Buy new screening from a hardware or home improvement store. You’ll also need a spline roller. If your pets are hard on screens, consider purchasing higher quality screening.
  • Remove the screen door from the slider frame and place it horizontally on the floor or a table.
  • Unscrew and remove the door handle.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the spline, which is the vinyl or rubber strip that fits in the door frame and keeps the screen in place. If the spline is in good shape, re-use it. If not, spline is available at most hardware and home improvement stores.
  • Cut the screen to a size slightly larger than the frame itself. Place it over the frame.
  • Using a spline roller, insert the spline into the grooves on the inside of the frame, tucking the screen as you go.
  • Trim the excess screen with a utility knife, then fit the screen door back into the slider frame.

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