Repairing Sliding Doors in Eichler Homes

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Repairing Sliding Doors in Eichler Homes

eichler home door repairIf you are fortunate enough to own a house built by Joseph Eichler, you probably know that Eichlers were among the first homes to feature sliding doors.

When sliders were introduced in the 1950s, they were hailed as space-savers that provided expansive outdoor views and brought light indoors. Their clean lines fit in perfectly with the modern look of Eichler homes.

Many Eichler homes retain their original sliding doors. It’s also safe to assume plenty of those older doors show their age, in several ways:

  • Worn tracks and rollers make sliders difficult to open and close. Door frames damaged by earthquakes or settling also hamper the operation of sliding doors.
  • Broken door handles and locks that no longer work pose a security issue.
  • Eichler-era doors lack the insulating properties of modern sliders. If you own an older door, you’ve probably noticed condensation forms when indoor and outdoor temperatures vary widely.
  • Safety glass that breaks into small pieces when damaged was not common in homes built 60 years ago.

You can extend the life of tracks and rollers by cleaning the track regularly of dirt and debris. A vacuum and damp cloth does the trick.

If the rollers and track are beyond saving – often the case in decades-old homes – a qualified sliding door contractor such as A-1 On Track can replace them and also install new locks and handles.

For Eichler homeowners who know it’s time to finally replace their aging doors but wish to retain the 1950s aesthetic, there is good news. Aluminum sliding doors that have modern insulating and safety features are available. In most cases, these doors fit into the existing opening.

Do the sliding doors in your Eichler home need repairs or replacing? Call A-1 On Track today at 408-866-0267 to schedule service. We’ll evaluate the condition of your doors and provide a recommendation.


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