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IMG_0504Patio doors that are constantly used are particularly prone to the effects of debris in the track. But even lightly used closet sliders become difficult to operate after awhile.The biggest reason sliding doors become balky is due to debris that accumulates in the track at the base of the doors. Over time, mud, hair, dirt, dead insects, and nearly invisible pollen become lodged in the track, wearing down the rollers at the base of a slider.

At A-1 On Track, we find that it’s common that sliding glass doors in Bay Area homes need repairs after just 10 years of use.

Regular cleaning of the tracks is the most effective way to keep sliding doors operable. Routine maintenance sounds obvious but is overlooked by most homeowners. After all, the doors work fine 99 percent of the time.

We suggest that every few weeks, vacuum out the tracks of the sliding glass doors in your home. Then take a damp rag, wipe down the tracks, and dry them with a second rag. If you have several sliders, do half of them one week and the rest the  following week.

Compared to trying to force open a stubborn sliding glass door, cleaning takes only a few minutes and minimal effort.

There are other sliding glass door repairs you can also do yourself. Locks and handles take a beating. If either feature no longer works properly, you can purchase replacements online or at home improvement stores.

It’s especially important to keep locks in working order. Sliders are a common point of entry for burglars.

If you are not confident in making any repair, contact A-1 On Track. the sliding glass door professional. We have years of experience and can often be at your home or office the same day.

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