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Dispelling Myths about Pet Doors

We’ve seen far too many pet door fails. Often, owners simply don’t do their homework but instead believe the many myths about pet doors.

The result is continued inconvenience to both owner and pet.

A-1 On Track wants to dispel those myths to help you pick the best pet door for your dog or cat. Here are a few of the top misconceptions about pet doors:

  • Purchasing a door based on typical breed sizes ensures a proper fit for your animal. Don’t buy a pet door without carefully measuring your own dog or cat. A door that should supposedly accommodate beagles, for instance, may be too small for your rotund pooch. Measure both width and height, and base your choice on those specific numbers. If the animal is young, anticipate additional growth and weight. 
  • Pet doors can only be installed in exterior doors. Today, owners are placing pet doors all over the house to make it easier for their animals to enter bedrooms, closets, mud rooms, even windows if your pet is agile enough. Installing pet doors in walls is also easier than you may imagine and is a better solution for many homeowners than inserting the pet door in a door. 
  • A flap is a flap. A pet door flap is important, and their quality varies widely. It may be worth it to spend a bit more on an electronic door with flaps that keep raccoons from entering your home, for example. A good-quality flap is still a factor to consider on lower-priced pet doors. You may spend too much on replacing a flimsy flap every few months. 

To learn more and dispel other myths about pet doors, or to have a pet door installed in your home, call 408-866-0267 today to schedule an appointment with A-1 On Track, the sliding door and pet door specialists.


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