Myths about Pet Doors Part 2

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Because there are so many mistaken ideas about pet doors, A-1 On Track continues its series of blog posts with more myths about pet doors.

A-1 On Track, the sliding door professionals, wants to dispel those mistaken notions and help you pick the best pet door for your dog or cat. These doors offer security and convenience to animal and owner alike.

Here are a few more common myths about pet doors:

  • Lockable pet doors can be opened from the outside. In our experience, covers for pet doors that can be locked are very effective and cannot easily be pried open. In fact, most locking covers are metal or tough plastic. The better the pet door cover quality, the better the barrier against bad guys. 
  • Adults can break into my house through the pet door. It’s true that burglars have entered homes via pet doors, but that should not stop anyone from installing a door that gives their dog or cat convenient access to the yard. There are many burglar-proof doors available that are excellent at blocking adults from breaking in, but that still allow animals to come and go when they please. 
  • Pet doors hurt my animal. There is no evidence that a properly sized pet door is painful for a dog or cat to pass through. Flaps are lightweight and flexible – they don’t give your pet a headache! To purchase a door that is the correct size for your pet, measure your animal from the feet to the shoulder and from shoulder to shoulder, and use those numbers as a guide. 

Your sliding door and pet door pro at A-1 On Track is knowledgable about pet doors and their installation. Call 408-866-0267 today for more on pet door myths, and then schedule an appointment for installation.


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