Planning Your Wall Spacing for Pocket Doors

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Planning Your Wall Spacing for Pocket Doors

 pocket doorsBefore installing pocket doors, it’s important to note that the wall spacing for pocket doors is different than the space needed for hinged doors. If you’re considering installing these doors, whether as a replacement or as part of new construction, here are a few things you should consider.

Reasons to Choose a Pocket Door

While pocket doors are uncommon, these doors were once a staple in many homes for their space-saving convenience. Now they’re a rare find in modern homes. However, their architectural and aesthetic advantages are appealing to many homeowners, prompting something of a comeback.

The number one benefit of having a pocket door is additional space, since it slides into the wall when open. If you have a narrow hall, a pocket door can be a great solution to avoid interfering with traffic. Homeowners may also prefer this type of door for aesthetic purposes. Due to their historical use, they can add a bit of classical elegance to a room.

Recommended Spacing for Pocket Doors

When determining the amount of wall space needed for pocket doors, first measure the width of the door in question, then double it. If you’re planning to install double doors, you’ll then need to double that amount. To ensure there’s enough room for the door frame, add 1 ¾ inches to your total.

Because pocket doors require space inside your walls, there are a few steps you’ll have to take to ensure that nothing prevents you from placing them there. You’ll need to check for internal structures, such as:

  • Heating ducts
  • Plumbing
  • Communication and electrical cables

If any of these are present within your planned space, they’ll need to be relocated to accommodate the doors.

Now you’ve determined the proper wall spacing for pocket doors you are ready to have them installed by our experienced technicians. If you already have pocket or any sliding doors that need repair, we can help. A-1 On Track has been providing professional service to customers in the San Francisco Bay area for three decades.

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