Sliding Door Problems May Be Related to Having the Wrong Wheels Installed

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Sliding Door Problems May Be Related to Having the Wrong Wheels Installed

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Few things in a home are more frustrating than when your sliding door doesn’t easily open or close, especially during the winter months. If you’re having trouble opening and closing your sliding door, the wrong sliding door wheels could be causing the problem. Installing the wrong wheels can end up causing serious problems because the wheels don’t match the tracks that they’re supposed to glide on.

Materials Matter

When it comes to installing sliding doors, the installer needs to consider the types of materials used. It’s common for people who have worn-out sliding door wheels to replace them with steel garage door wheels. Unfortunately, if they are used in a door installed with aluminum tracks, it can cause big problems later on. Steel is a harder material and can cause gouges and worn tracks if used with aluminum. In some cases, the entire track will need to be replaced.

What to Do If You Have the Wrong Sliding Door Wheels

If you have the wrong sliding door wheels installed, it’s best to consult a professional as soon as possible. Even some handymen are unaware of the potential issues when it comes to replacing sliding door wheels. The team at A-1 On Track can make sure the job is completed the right way every time. We may be able to repair the damage without replacing the track, but if we do have to replace the track because it’s too damaged to function well, we make sure that it is sealed properly to prevent any future leaks. Replacing the sliding door track often requires that our team first clean up any old sealant and prepare the corners for installation.

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