Pocket Door Installation in a Home Remodel

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Pocket Door Installation in a Home Remodel

You may believe you thought of everything in your home renovation design, but have you considered the potential of pocket doors?

A-1 On Track provides many types of pocket door installations in home remodels. Pocket doors were hugely popular around the turn of the 20th century and are making a comeback with homeowners.

Because pocket doors slide into the wall when open, they are much more practical than hinged doors when space is at a premium. Pocket doors are ideal for Jack-and-Jill bathrooms, for example, where a couple of swinging doors would eat up valuable space.

Pocket doors also save space in closets or small rooms.

Pocket doors make great room dividers, too. You may expand your dining area to accommodate twice as many people by installing pocket doors into your adjacent living area. Closing the doors makes for a more intimate experience.

New construction, or a home remodel in which floor plans are being reconfigured, are perfect situations for pocket door installation. In many cases, retrofitting an existing wall isn’t possible; your new pocket door may need a purpose-built wall. 

Pocket doors come in all kinds of styles and materials. Your sliding door contractor can help you pick the right pocket doors for your renovation.

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