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Pocket Door Troubles Are Often Caused by Clogged Pocket Door Tracks and Rollers

Pocket Door Tracks and RollersPocket door tracks are notorious culprits behind run-of-the-mill pocket door mishaps. Along with the rollers, the tracks often get filled with dirt and other gunk that is normal in a household environment. In order to maintain your doors and ensure they glide obstacle-free in the pocket door tracks, it’s important to keep the tracks and rollers clean and repaired.

Repairing Pocket Door Tracks in Santa Cruz County

While not exposed to the same elements as exterior doors, pocket door tracks and rollers can still become clogged up with residue that affects their functionality. Over years of use, a lot of junk typically accumulates in the tracks and wall units, causing the doors and rollers to stick and be difficult to efficiently open and close. What might you find in your pocket door tracks and rollers? These are common:

  • Naturally occurring dust
  • Hair shed from residents
  • Other day-to-day debris

If you try to take care of this build-up yourself or hire a handyman to tackle the job, chances are your pocket doors still won’t work properly. This is because standard fixes usually involve the use of grease or other lubricants that can actually make the issues you are experiencing worse, not to mention the stains they may leave behind on your rugs and flooring.

Keeping Pocket Door Rollers Clean and Maintained

Even if your pocket door tracks are completely inundated with stuff that makes it impossible for the pocket door rollers to function, the doors can still be repaired without tearing down walls or requiring patching. As long as the work is done correctly, you can quickly have your pocket doors running smoothly without being put out by an extensive renovation project.

For expert repair of pocket door tracks in the San Francisco Bay Area, call us at A1 Sliding Door Repair. With over two decades of industry experience, we are an owner-operated company that gets the job done right, so you can enjoy using your pocket doors, frustration free.


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