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Quick-Fix Screen Repairs, in a Pinch

screen repairsThere are quick-fix screen repairs available that enable you to put off repairing your sliding door.

But these quick fixes should be considered temporary. Once the family gathering or neighborhood party is over, call a sliding door contractor such as A-1 On Track to make repairs that restore the door to its original condition.

Using window screen repair tape is one way to seal up holes in the door screen. It’s a popular quick-fix because it works well at keeping the bugs outside – until the tape dries out after a few days and no longer stays affixed. And it’s an ugly fix, too, especially when there are several pieces of tape on the screen.

There is also the tried-and-true method of applying nail polish to a small screen tear. The polish eventually becomes brittle and crumbles off. It’s another ugly fix, especially if the polish is a garish color. Stick with clear nail polish if you are this desperate.

Another quick but short-lived “fix” is the use of silicone adhesive to plug a small tear in the screen. Once applied, this fix draws attention to itself and crumbles off after awhile.

There is nothing wrong with temporary repairs, as long as permanent fixes are not postponed for too long. If you are handy and willing to attempt replacing a sliding door screen yourself, carefully follow instructions available online.

You’ll probably have to buy some tools, such as the spline installation tool that resembles a pizza cutter.

If you are not the DIY type, a sliding door contractor is able to replace screens quickly and with little construction mess. At the same time, the contractor can make any other necessary repairs, such as fixing the track and rollers. Your slider will look and work as good as new, without the cost of buying a new door.

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