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Replacing Sliding Door Locks – What to Consider

Replacing Sliding Door LocksReplacing sliding door locks can be a surprisingly complicated process. You probably will spare yourself a lot of time and frustration by hiring a sliding door contractor to replace a lock.

If you are fairly handy and determined to replace your own sliding door locks, keep in mind that finding the right lock is half the battle. You must reinstall the same type of lock you are replacing. Otherwise, the new lock will not work properly.

Use a cell phone or digital camera photo of the old lock as a reference when you are shopping for a new one. Photograph the old lock from several angles to be certain you are purchasing the correct lock.

Your new lock must match the old one in several ways:

  • Door manufacturer. The name of the manufacturer is most likely on the lock itself.
  • Face plate shape. The section of the lock that is exposed when installed in the door is the face plate. Your lock’s face plate is either round or square.
  • Location of screw holes. Look for the distance between the two mounting screw holes.
  • Width. It’s helpful to actually measure the width, rather than guess. Accuracy in buying the new lock is important.
  • Keyway position. The keyway, not to be confused with the keyhole, is a small opening on the side of the lock. An actuator key fits into the keyway opening. Some keyways are angled at 45 degrees. Others are vertical.

Once you have bought a new lock that is a match for the old one, replacing the lock is fairly simple. Unscrew the old lock and remove, then insert the new lock. As you tighten the screws to the new lock, hold the lock in place by grasping the hasp with pliers.

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